Scenery Garden

Sha Tin

This project is located in the mid-levels of Sha Tin, and even though the unit is situated on a very low floor, it still has a very open and expansive view. The client preferred a Japanese-style small home and requested a simple and clean design with a Japanese aesthetic. They also specifically requested an additional washroom in the master bedroom, so we transformed the original 3-bedroom unit into a 2-bedroom unit and added a washroom, wardrobe, and platform in the master bedroom to provide ample storage space.

In terms of design, we used light wood colors and wood elements throughout the house, with plenty of straight lines, grids, wood grain, and stripes to create a bright and refreshing Japanese-style atmosphere. In the bedrooms, we used gray and white walls paired with light wood-colored feature walls to create a relaxed and cozy feeling.

是次項目位於沙田半山位置,即使單位位於極低層亦非常開揚廣闊; 戶主偏愛日式小家居,要求日系簡潔設計風格,特別要求在主人房加設多一個洗手間,所以今次特別將3房打造成2間房間,主人房因應主人需要加設多一個洗手間及衣帽間和地台,增加大量儲物空間。設計方面,我們選用淺木色及木器貫穿整間屋,大量直線,格仔,木紋,條子,令整間屋光鮮亮麗,豁然開朗,充滿日式風情; 房間方面我們利用灰白色牆身配淺木色特色牆,帶來輕鬆溫馨的感覺。


位置: 沙田
Location: Sha Tin

呎數: 600尺
Size: 600 sq ft

單位類別: 3 房 2 廳
Flat Type: 3 Bedrooms

Year : 2016